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What is Cloud Computing?

In short, it is somewhere at the other end of your internet connection, a place where you can access apps and services, and where your data can be stored securely. It is a perfect place to run your business as you can access reliably at anytime, anywhere and on any device.
Without Cloud, life would be very difficult. It’s become so integral to our everyday lives that most people use it without even realising. The Cloud has transformed our business landscape with various benefits: fast implementation, no up-front costs, instant scalability, maintenance free, access everywhere and better security.

What do We Offer?

  • cloud-icon1Introv provides Professional Consultancy Services to help clients to adopt Enterprise Cloud Solutions.
  • cloud-icon2Our solutions include easy setup packages for CRM, ERP and eCommerce.
  • cloud-icon3As a 4-Star partner & Gold partner of NetSuite and Salesforce, we offer free trials on all platforms.

Our Clients

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What makes Cloud Computing Special?

“Fast to Get Started. Cost Less. More Scalable, More Secure, More Reliable. You can focus on projects that really impact your business.”


“Cloud Computing is something that you just need to login, customize it and start using it. This’s the power of Cloud Computing.”


“Cloud Computing is changing the way that we think about software, not only a consumer apps but business apps. We call this Enterprise Cloud Computing !”