Nova provides one-stop business services including serviced office, virtual office, conference room etc.  It locates at CBD which brings a lot of convenience for business.



  • Expand market share and raise the position in the market.
  • Customer is particularly important in this industry, and therefore they would like to increase customer satisfaction and provide service which exceed customers’ expectation.



  • Due to decentralized system, staffs have to export, import, deliver and integrate for a simple quotation, invoice etc.  Therefore, their workload has increased and is not cost effective enough.
  • Some vendors suggested to use server to store their system, but the setup is quite time-consuming, and maintenance as well as development cost on hardware is extremely high.
  • Not fully confidence on the existing software’s security level.


Result & Benefits

  • NetSuite ERP and CRM, an all-in-one True Cloud Solution streamline all the production which give a great help on their business’s continuous growth.
  • Increase staffs’ efficiency and effectiveness lead to higher productivity.
  • Reduce customer response time, enhance competitiveness within the industry.