Customer Success Stories

Sonoma Wine Accessories 

“With NetSuite, we’ve boosted the efficiency of all our business processes, and we’re able to do serious, proactive marketing, which is just what the new business needs.”  

Customer Success:

  • Accessory sales have tripled each month, without need to hire admin staff.
  • Saving $24,000/year vs. cost of maintenance for the previous software.
  • Integrated order processing reduced time from 20 min. to 20 sec.
  • Creating custom report takes managers 10 min. vs. a full day with the old system.
  • NetSuite’s CSV import/export function helps export product feeds to Shopzilla, other services in 15 min. vs. 4 hours manually.

Sonoma Wine Accessories


  • Manufacturer of high-end wine cabinets and coolers wanted to expand into accessories market.
  • QuickBooks, proprietary systems—adequate for low-volume, high-profit sales—wouldn’t scale to high-volume business.
  • Existing IT systems slow and inflexible, making it difficult to analyse customer trends and create proactive marketing campaigns.


  • Complete changeover to NetSuite ERP, CRM, ecommerce took just four months.
  • Used NetSuite partner SuiteCommerce for custom scripting.
  • Used NetSuite partner FarApp for custom integration with Amazon, Ebay retail storefronts.
  • Using NetSuite to manage three websites—which maximise customer engagement/loyalty, collect data for trend analysis, capture leads, etc