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About A Drop of Life

A drop of Life is focused on the construction of water facilities a charitable organization, at arid areas in the China country.
They build water cellars and embankments, bring water to improve farmers’ life and nourish their hearts

Until now, they have to build in six provinces more than 43,500 eye cellars and 15 embankments, villagers and students benefit from up to 60 million people, about 21,000 acres of irrigated land.

They were in Hong Kong and the Chinese professional team, work together, each charity will do their best work. In the future, they will develop more projects, adhere to the farmers to bring hope and expectation.


Results & Benefits

Bring better living to people who live in poverty
  • 360-degree view: Full picture view into donor, sponsorship and volunteer information in a centralize platform
  • Build connections: Full visibility into donation history, staff can keep track in multi-locations, multi-channels
  • Raise more money: Finding new donors from existing supporters and manage the donation cycle by just few clicks
Spread the love between people
  • Easily Manage: Foundation event team can easily manage and keep track the activities with donors, and get real-time analysis
  • Real-time report: The faster response and follow up task with real-time information sharing, help to reduce the time on manual workload and information searching, the more we can do for people.


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