Customer Success Stories



“You have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand.”

—Angela Ahrendts, CEO


Burberry builds deeper customer connections, from the runway to the retail store.


There are few industries where “brand” matters more than in fashion. Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts gets it: “You have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand.” The iconic, beloved fashion brand embraces the Web and social media to extend the brand and engage with customers and fans in entirely new ways.


Burberry has been in business for 150+ years—today, Ahrendts and Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey are busy transforming the company to ensure it thrives for decades to come. Ahrendts is passionate about creating a social business model: “You have to. If you don’t do that, I don’t know what your business model is like in 5 years.”

In addition to traditional media that has been a main stay of fashion advertising and promotion for a century, Burberry is breaking new ground in social media. The brand has 10+ million Facebook followers and uses technology to power Burberry World, “The ultimate expression of the Burberry brand,” where visitors can “engage, entertain, and interact, as well as providing the ultimate online luxury shopping experience.”


Like so many great ideas in fashion, Burberry’s Social Transformation started with a sketch


In this case, a sketch drawn by CEO Marc Benioff on a napkin during a meeting in New York hotel with Ahrendts and Burberry CTO John Douglas. The goal: total integration among the company, its employees, its customers, and the all-important brand.


“Our vision is that a customer has total access to Burberry, across any device, anywhere,” says Ahrendts. “They get exactly the same feeling of the brand and and feeling of the culture. Everyone can come to Burberry World and understand the journey that Burberry is on.”