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Caesars Entertainment

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Caesars Entertainment hits the efficiency jackpot with


  • The world’s largest gaming company needed a technology platform to manage its VIP clients more effectively and efficiently

  • Required a platform that used decision science and behavior segmentation

  • Had been using a highly customized proprietary system based on technology from a vendor that went out of business in 2003

  • As a result, the existing system was frozen, and requests for enhancements were routinely denied because they cost too much

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  • Chose over other vendors for ease of customization and no-hassle deployment

  • Rolled out the cloud platform in 2004 and quickly expanded from a handful of users to more than 1,000 current users of Unlimited Edition, culminating in the creation of a new custom platform called SMART (a sales, marketing, and relationship tool)

  • Deployed the SMART platform at 40 properties in early 2010

  • Built the following custom apps on the Salesforce platform:

    • A human resources app to manage talent acquisition

    • A custom app for room reservations called Roomforce that grew to handle 100,000 reservations per year

    • A player-tracking system called Players Exchange to replace an outdated system that ran on Windows 1995

  • Regular attendance at Dreamforce inspired managers to explore additional ways cloud computing could increase operational efficiencies

  • Integrated with multiple systems, including a casino management system and a hotel management system

  • Premier Support, included in Unlimited Edition, loaded several hundred communications templates and created more than 600 dashboards so users could easily track performance metrics in real time

  • Began using Chatter to collaborate around special events at casinos throughout the U.S., allowing Caesars Entertainment to easily include more people and to share large documents without clogging up inboxes

  • Created different Chatter groups for different sales channels to make it easier for salespeople to stay on top of a plethora of offers and promotions, including everything from poker tournaments to slot tournaments all over the country

  • Incorporated Chatter into the SMART platform with one click to help inform people about changes to SMART, collect feedback, and answer questions

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Results & Benefits

  • Flexibility of the solution lets business owners make enhancements independent of IT, making the company more agile and responsive

  • Employees are more successful because they now have all the information they need at their fingertips, thanks to multiple integrations with other systems

  • Can execute highly targeted campaigns with smaller budgets and no IT resources

  • Boosted efficiency by replacing time-consuming manual processes that sometimes took days with online workflows that take minutes or seconds

  • Increased accountability by using the dashboards built into the cloud platform to identify employees who need coaching and to recognize star performers

  • Improved communication with Chatter and brought more people into the planning process

  • Renewed energy and strengthened commitment to Caesars Entertainment’s mission and values by increasing personal connections among team members in the context of work