Customer Success Stories

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Business School


HKUST Business School MBA program is well recognized in worldwide and ranked #1 in Asia.  The evolving technology and ever changing world make higher education a more competitive business.



  • Advance research and knowledge; disseminate the knowledge through their students and programs from all over the world.
  • Work out new innovative in order to keep growing and moving forward to become a world class business school.



  • Homegrown enterprise solution is not flexible enough to meet the needs of educational environment.  Separate systems on marketing and admissions lead to disproportion of team’s resources and time.
  • Hard to centralize and follow-through information collected about talents from all over the world.
  • Various manual admissions processes have kept the team from moving forward to other new development.


Result & Benefits

  • can bring the whole MBA program added value chain all together, all staffs can search for relevant information they need in a single platform. The system is more flexible and provides a clearer picture of resources allocation for future planning.
  • Reduce plenty of time on system testing in order to cope with the market trend pretty quickly with other value-add activities.
  • Leverage technology and network to manage data of right student and talent from all over the world, developing more innovative approach to engage prospective candidates.