Customer Success Stories


“Social makes this huge world we live in much, much smaller.”

-Mike McCranieGlobal Director, Information Technology


Kimberly-Clark wins more business with the Sales Cloud.


  • Global provider of personal care products, including Huggies, Kleenex, and Viva, needed a CRM solution to support common sales and marketing processes for its global Kimberly-Clark Professional and Kimberly-Clark health care business-to-business teams

  • Had deployed SAP CRM in Europe, but the solution didn’t fully meet the requirements of the Asia-Pacific and North American regions, and upgrading was a complex process

  • Needed a solution that was easy to configure and use, and could be easily integrated with SAP ERP 6.0

  • Wanted to reduce its total cost of ownership for CRM

  • Mobile support was also important, particularly in Asia

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  • Considered Microsoft CRM, but chose Salesforce (Unlimited Edition) because it could be easily customized, integrated with legacy systems, and deployed

  • The IT team also appreciated Salesforce’s support for multiple languages, currencies, and mobile devices plus its overall ease of use

  • Deployed, with support from consulting, to 1,300+ sales and marketing users in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America

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Sales Cloud

  • Account, contact, opportunity, and product information is housed in the Sales Cloud

  • Workflows automate sales and marketing processes and measure the success of marketing initiatives and new product introductions

  • Reports and dashboards highlight campaign, forecast, and performance information for sales, marketing, and regional managers

  • Marketing campaigns are created, managed, and measured from within Salesforce

  • Salesforce for Outlook maintains a record of customer communications

  • Salesforce mobile lets users access and update Salesforce records using Blackberry and iPhone mobile devices


  • The CastIron integration solution from the AppExchange synchronizes account and product data nightly with SAP ERP and facilitates address validation and account/contact de-duplication

  • A custom object, built with code (Apex) and pages (Visualforce), tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) and generates performance scorecards

  • A custom “new business and trials” module maintains a record of trials in the opportunities object


Results & Benefits

Sales Cloud

  • One common sales and marketing process with global, regional, and local execution tied to the company’s strategic initiatives.

  • Marketing and sales teams are more aligned and efficient, with automated processes that can be easily measured

  • Improved targeting and opportunity management drives higher close rates

  • Global segmentation enables greater responsiveness to key customers

  • Improved sales effectiveness helps shorten sales cycles

  • Integrated product data enables more informed pricing decisions and improved pricing compliance