Customer Success Stories



“Everyone wants a voice. We make sure they’re heard.”

– Bill Morrow, CEO

Vodafone rebuilds Australian brand placing customer at the centre

Vodafone came to Australia twenty years ago and up until just four years ago had one of Australia’s highest brand health scores. Then “Vodafone Australia turned internally focused,” explains CEO Bill Morrow. As a result, a million customers walked away in a two and half year period.

Every business has its ups and downs, but it’s how a company responds that can make or break its reputation. During a series of network outages, Vodafone realised it needed a proactive approach to engaging customers. According to Morrow, delivering excellent customer service requires a connection internally and externally that can only be driven and delivered from a single platform “and that’s what we get from Salesforce.”


Service on every channel

Committed to listening to every customer voice, Vodafone Australia uses Salesforce Radian6 to connect with people on every channel and understand their needs – the biggest and most damaging detractor is the customer who feels he or she isn’t being heard.

Now Vodafone engages in an average of one conversation every four and a half minutes across Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the Vodafone community site. Service Cloud ensures customer queries are automatically routed to the correct respondent. Vodafone’s Tasmanian call centre also integrates seamlessly into the service platform to give staff the tools they need for developing individual customer relationships.