6a00e54ee3905b883301bb0797e661970d-800wiEvery industry across the globe is being impacted by technology. Mobile, social, and cloud are driving rampant change. The time is now for organizations to transform their business model by taking advantage of innovative tools that connect to customers in ways never before possible.


As with the survival of the fittest, it’s not the strongest that will last, but those that adapt the fastest. Continuing to put capital efforts towards what worked in the past, instead of embracing the future, will not pay off.


The great news is that major industries, and the companies within them, need not be left behind. Very real and innovative tools now exist that not only offer them the power to transform business models, but to also give today’s consumers what they want.


What The Book Is About


We’ve created our newest e-book, The Customer Economy: How Top Industries Meet Today’s Biggest Challenges, to help get you navigate this new customer-centric business landscape. By leveraging cloud, social, and mobile technology, industry leaders can reinvent the outdated processes that hold them back. They can also create stronger long-term customer relationships across every channel.

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The Structure of the E-Book

The e-book is divided into six industry-specific chapters:


Communications. The communications industry is made up of the companies that run the global communications network: wireless, wireline, cable, and voice data providers. Many of the key challenges these providers currently face have been magnified in the past 18 months by continued industry consolidation and market saturation. These include new expectations, compression, and competition.


Financial Services. The financial services industry, and specifically retail banking, has seen more disruption since the 2008 financial crisis than it did the previous 100 years. And there are three big drivers behind that disruption: the retail renaissance, new customer expectations, and a shift in bank priorities.


Government. Government as an industry is made up of local, state, and federal agencies that encompass education, defense, public safety, healthcare, energy, and transportation. These government agencies, from top to bottom, are being encouraged to update and introduce technology to better serve citizens and employees.


Healthcare. The healthcare industry is being disrupted like never before. Social, mobile, and cloud technologies are empowering hospitals, doctors, and other care providers to collaborate closely around, and connect to, their patients. These tools also allow patients to be more involved in their care. This industry is also being impacted by regulations, patient needs, and treatment outcomes.


Manufacturing. Modern manufacturers, including those in the automotive industry, face one of their biggest challenges of the last century. They must transform the customer experience they offer and the way they connect with, engage, and serve customers along each step of their journey. Social and mobile tools have broken down the traditional relationship model between brands and customers.


Retail. The retail industry encompasses any company that is selling goods to a consumer, from a brick-and-mortar luxury, specialty, big box or department store, to e-commerce, to mobile. It’s a change-or-fail moment for all of them. The shopping experience is being reimagined to merge the digital and physical worlds.


Reprinted from:  “The Customer Economy: How Top Industries Meet Today’s Biggest Challenges”: A New Salesforce E-Book,