Introv, is named as a key partner of NetSuite in Asia

NetSuite boosts property portal’s expansion

  • Introv, is named as a key partner of NetSuite in Asia.
  • Cloud-based business management solutions helps PropertyGuru consolidate its disparate systems.
  • The reasons of PropertyGuru choosing NetSuite:  (1) Regional coverage;  (2) Integrated system for CRM & ERP;  (3) Easily accessible system from office and remote;  (4) Ease of integration with other system;  (5) Don’t have massive implementation project to get started.


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Seamless Customer Data Leads to Efficient Customer Service

E-Commerce_2 We’ve all placed an order on our favorite ecommerce site at some point and wound up on hold with customer service and, all too often, spent even more time as we wait for the agent to validate who we are. Worse yet are the times we find ourselves being transferred to another agent who asks us to restate our personal information and why we called all over again.

The problem is that many customer service representatives are unable to access and share real time information about customers across the entire organization, let alone integrate important data about that customer that might have been gathered from multiple interactions with the retailer such as via an ecommerce site, an in-store transaction, emails, web chats or social media. The convenience customers gain by having multiple channels to interact with the brand, works against itself when channels aren’t integrated to provide retail organizations with a complete record of the customer from one central location.

A customer service representative who has a 360-degree view of the customer and their relationship with the retailer is empowered to offer a more personalized and efficient shopping experience. Beyond customer service representatives, department managers, business analysts and top executives also need access to that same customer data to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

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Case Study


The research found that there is a need to reorient your business around customers & traditional ERP has a lot of rooms to improve.

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3 Numbers To Sell Marketers on Customer Experience

aCustomer experience management didn’t always go by that name, but people have always recognized the value of excellent customer experiences. One of the benefits: word-of-mouth advertising. But didn’t you always wonder how a business got word-of-mouth advertising? Nobody seemed to have a real answer, and not a lot of effort or money was earmarked for figuring it out.

Companies are beginning to take these questions seriously. Delighting with great customer experiences can pay serious dividends, but it also requires the cooperation of the whole organization. Here’s what you need to tell your marketing department to get them excited about customer experience:

1. 73% of customers choose brands with friendly employees, and only 33% choose brands because they have a good reputation.

That’s right: What your company does matters more than what your company appears to do. If you thought we still lived in a world where ad buys could stoke customer demand, you might be in for a shock. If you’re in a competitive market, neither price nor clever advertising will guarantee an advantage if delivering to your customers is treated as a necessary evil.

Think of it from the customer’s shoes: they don’t buy something because they’ve heard the brand is good. Instead, they think the brand is good because they’ve had a great experience with helpful, friendly staff. That’s what will keep them coming, and it’s what will keep your organization in business.


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Customer success stories


See how Homag China, a woodworking machineries distributor becomes a Total Solution Provider via

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