The State of Sales Productivity in 2015 (INFOGRAPHIC)

While most VPs of sales tout growth and new logos as key business imperatives, the state of sales teams from a holistic investment and management perspective reveals a different story; there is a stark disconnect between what management sees/does and what reps want/need.


For example, marketing mainly controls the budget that is meant to make sales more productive, but most marketers are not tying their work directly towards efficiency or effectiveness and have no way of measuring their impact.


The research is taken from a survey of 127 sales and marketing executives; this report examines the state of sales productivity from both the sales rep and sales management perspectives. Its findings paint a disconnect between what management sees and does and what sales reps want. Management is focused on hiring, onboarding, and analytics, but reps are struggling to find and use the basic systems and processes needed to do their jobs.


The results demonstrate a clear need for a greater sense of urgency around the problem of sales productivity, while also giving organizations the information they need to quickly take action.


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Customer Success Story


“Change or Die !” – By Sean (Associate Dean of Master’s Programs).

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A Single Commerce Platform for Omnichannel Retailing

Ten years ago, when less than 2% of retail sales were conducted online, everyone knew eCommerce was primed for growth. What no one could have predicted was the perfect storm that was brewing.


In 2012, nearly half (48%) of the “winning” retailers surveyed in RSR’s omnichannel Benchmark Report acknowledged that cross-channel shoppers are “significantly more profitable than single-channel shoppers.” It’s clear that consumers who shop in multiple of the same brand’s channels demonstrate greater loyalty than those who don’t.


Among early adopters, the integration of retail information systems, processes and departments across channels is resulting in clear benefits to the business and its customers on:

Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities;

Reduction of operating, order and fulfillment cost;

Enhance customer satisfaction;

Improved decision-making;

Increase efficiency and confidence.


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Case Study


A 360-Degree View of the Customer – Retail successful story & implementation via NetSuite.

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Introv Events Highlight

Introv, as a leading TRUE CLOUD solution consultancy in Hong Kong.  We partner with trusted vendors and provide CRM & ERP solutions that help enterprises to grow their business, and are honor to be invited to some events that aims to enhance the awareness of CLOUD COMPUTING SERVICE.


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