Introv announces it will resell Google Apps for Work !!!

2 Introv today announced it has become a Google Apps for Work Authorized Reseller !


By providing professional and tailored CRM & ERP solutions all the way go, we understand there is much more we can do.


Google Apps for Work brings simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools to organizations of any size, it’s designed to minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs.


With Google Drive, which include word processing (Google Doc), spreadsheet (Google Sheet), presentation (Google Slide) and website creation tools (Google Site), users can share files and collaborate in real-time, keeping versions organized and available wherever and whenever users work. With Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Sites, users can stay connected and work together with ease.


More efficiently, More securely !


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It’s time to change the way you think about work.

Google experts and business innovators will share their ideas and experiences:

Reimagine your workplace | Empower employees | Engage customers | Execute big ideas

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4 Tips to Become Analytics-Ready

6a00e54ee3905b883301bb07a1e445970d-320wi Organizations who can best understand and translate their data into actions will be able to raise more funds, provide better programs to their constituents, and communicate with their supporters more effectively. In today’s day and age, where your supporters or customers expect a personalized, immediate and relevant response or product, businesses can no longer wait weeks or months to gather insights on past performance.


The new Wave Analytics Cloud that was just announced by Salesforce is not “Reports on Steroids”—it is a completely separate technology that Salesforce integrated to combine the best CRM with a robust BI platform that uses search-based access and columnar data storage for fast retrieval.


This new technology will help “everyday users” (not trained analysts) make informed decisions. Wave is “analytics for the rest of us.” Here are a few tips to make your implementation of the Analytics Cloud easier.


 1. Start from the end

2. The tool is not enough, you need data

3. Incorporate data governance

4. Finally, it is all about people


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What Online Shoppers Want in Customer Service

????????????????????????? Online shoppers expect a lot from their ecommerce companies today. No longer will they tolerate 48-hour delays in responses to email, or a 30-minute wait time to reach the call center. Their idea of what customer service should be like can be summed up by the common phrase “the right product at the right time to the right place at the right price.” But more specifically, their top expectations from retailers are:



Fast turnaround on calls and emails. One frequently cited complaint of consumers is that companies take too long to reply to their queries. It’s no longer acceptable to take 48 hours to reply to an email or return a phone call, nor do they tolerate being passed from agent to agent or put on hold for long periods. They expect to be helped quickly, or they’ll move to the retailer’s social media presence to get help there. It’s not smart to teach consumers to crowd your Facebook page with help requests, especially when most of those queries will have to be dealt with offline anyhow. Should you also happen to be slow in responding to their Facebook post, you also risk destroying your social media reputation. Work harder to ensure rapid replies to customer service phone calls and emails.



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