“The Customer Economy: How Top Industries Meet Today’s Biggest Challenges”:

A New Salesforce E-Book

6a00e54ee3905b883301bb0797e661970d-800wiEvery industry across the globe is being impacted by technology. Mobile, social, and cloud are driving rampant change. The time is now for organizations to transform their business model by taking advantage of innovative tools that connect to customers in ways never before possible.


As with the survival of the fittest, it’s not the strongest that will last, but those that adapt the fastest. Continuing to put capital efforts towards what worked in the past, instead of embracing the future, will not pay off.


The great news is that major industries, and the companies within them, need not be left behind. Very real and innovative tools now exist that not only offer them the power to transform business models, but to also give today’s consumers what they want.


We’ve created our newest e-book, The Customer Economy: How Top Industries Meet Today’s Biggest Challenges, to help get you navigate this new customer-centric business landscape. By leveraging cloud, social, and mobile technology, industry leaders can reinvent the outdated processes that hold them back. They can also create stronger long-term customer relationships across every channel.



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Advantages of Partnering with Cloud Platforms Continue to Grow

SDN_DerksenFor many companies, a cloud-based software platform has meant a well-run, modern, robust, fully secured and affordable IT system where scale, innovation and resources benefit each and every company and user.


Likewise, for software developers, an established cloud-based software development platform can offer broad in-core application functionality, great versatility, ease of development, world-class security, and other essential resources that serve software developers better than going at it alone with a standalone do-it-yourself development.


On-premise software makers, especially in vertical markets, face significant business challenges ranging from supporting users on legacy (i.e. AS/400) environments that cannot meet a modern user’s expectations to the incredible costs, risks and time to market of re-writing the entire system. Alternatively, tapping a cloud platform partner’s investments in enterprise–class reliability, IDE, customer acquisition, marketing campaigns, and best practices may be the best way to rapidly move forward in an increasingly cloud-based market.


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Clear insight for your whole business with a single login

Companies like travel agency has to be very clear from travel procurement all the way through payment and reporting.  However, the system they usually used is disperse and is not efficiency enough.


Vito Ip, Senior Consultant of Introv Limited revealed some real cases on how ERP works with other system and data as below.
–  NetSuite and Skyledge booking system integration, makes a clear picture of customers’ and employees’ expenses and revenue
–  Accrual calculation and cost allocation implementation

–  Multi-hierarch payment & operation approval flow implementation


By using our solution, companies can be more cost effective, easily to manage revenue reports in real-time basis, and enhance employees’ satisfaction.