Financial Planning

Get to Where Your Company Needs to Be

While corporate strategy helps determine the long-range vision for your company, the business environment is constantly changing, which impacts your current operations.  NetSuite’s financial planning solution provides flexible, “what-if” financial modeling capabilities to help companies meet their budgeting and ongoing forecasting needs.  Model and evaluate different financial scenarios to set targets for your annual operating plan, in a bottoms-up or top-down manner, and then analyze the variance between actual and projected results to manage business performance.



  • Reduce planning cycle times

  • Improve forecast accuracy

  • Align the organization

  • Timely information and insight


Key Features

Flexible Modeling

  • Create and consolidate driver-based plans with customized data entry sheets and reusable formulas and allocation methods using proper assumptions.


Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

  • Provide self-service and easy-to-use reporting across the company.


“What-If” Analysis

  • Compare and evaluate different “what-if” scenarios between actuals and projections – and update forecasts as needed during the course of business.