Netsuite and Ebay

ns and ebay

Challenges come with growth for ecommerce businesses

Many successful eBay sellers find that as they continue to grow, they begin facing real challenges:

  • Managing back office functions (e.g. inventory, accounting, purchasing)

  • Handling and fulfilling high order volumes efficiently and accurately

  • Providing effective customer service

  • Automating highly manual business processes

  • Integrating other sales and service channels


5 Tips to manage eBay activities directly from NetSuite

  • Push products to & eBay Stores directly from the NetSuite product catalog (Starting, Reserve and Buy It Now) to maximize visibility and placement

  • Initiate Chinese or Dutch auction-style listings while specifying scheduling, duration and promotions

  • View all live listings within NetSuite, including how the bidding is progressing and when the listing is set to close

  • Receive orders from buyers automatically once a sale takes place. This creates a customer record within NetSuite along with a sales order which flows seamlessly through to the fulfilment and shipping processes

  • Automatically lower item’s available inventory when it has been sold through eBay and update customer’s purchase history, permitting future up-sell and cross-sell marketing campaigns to be targeted to that customer