Why All Your Departments Should Be Cloud-Bound


From sales to customer service to management, delivering unified communications in the cloud can help address a host of common collaboration and communications challenges.

With the ability to radically lower up-front investment and ongoing maintenance costs combined with flexible delivery options, many organizations seek to migrate business communications to the cloud. But not all cloud solutions are equal. There are private, public and hybrid options. And even within the cloud, there are options to manage cloud-based resources in-house or get unified communications as a service with pay-per-use pricing. It is not a one-size-fits-all proposition anymore.


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Manufacturers and Distributors: How to Do Ecommerce Right

Ecommerce has been a boon to retailers, enabling them to enter new geographical markets, attract customers who prefer to buy online or at off hours, and compete successfully with much larger retail chains. Now manufacturers are finding they can reap the same benefits by selling online, not only to their distributors and business partners, but even directly to consumers. In fact, 70 percent of distributor respondents in the fourth-quarter 2013 MDM-Baird Distribution Survey said they plan to invest in ecommerce in 2014, highlighting that more distributors are recognizing the importance of the Web to the future of the channel. 


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Add Value by working with different kinds of data together

Many companies face the problem of how to integrate and share huge amount of data. Lots of them invest in multiple data entry and manual analysis at high cost. Instead, we help customers to reduce the data related cost and enhance the efficiency via NetSuite.

Vito Ip, Senior Consultant of Introv Limited revealed some real cases on how ERP works with other systems and data.

For example, employees understand the resources booking status by using the auto calendar system in real-time to avoid overbooking (e.g. truck schedule). Managers monitor the sales forecast instantly, then suggest the ad-hoc event to stimulate the sales performance.

By using our latest solutions, firms can interact with NetSuite data + other data together to streamline and refine operational processes; ensure employees’ productivity and hence add value to the organisation.

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