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Salesforce Community Cloud: The Next Big Enabler of Customer Engagement

Investments in digital experiences and communities are expected to skyrocket to more than 230 percent. Rapid growth like this rarely goes unnoticed, as is the case with’s newest Community Cloud.


Community Cloud marks a significant shift in the way companies interact with customers, providing a powerful platform that combines the best of what CRM does—sales, service, and marketing processes—into a continuous system of engagement that drives customer moments and collaboration with partners and employees.


At last year’s Dreamforce, I spoke about “Why Communities is the new CRM.” That idea is today’s reality; technology is no longer the barrier to business transformation and is no longer just an internal data process. It’s become the digital engagement platform to maximize the customer experience, minimize chaos, and drive business growth.


Double your engagement and you will double your brand’s growth. Collaborative, social models like Community Cloud are driving this digital experience, combining customer interaction platforms with business processes that makes it easier to connect customers and brands in new meaningful ways, outside of the traditional face-to-face interaction.


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Community in the Cloud Leads to Success

The mark of success for a business can be measured in any number of ways, but for a startup, you might say success is going from no customers to a fully operational company with 70 percent annual growth for the past four years. Pet Lifestyle and You (P.L.A.Y.) at has done just that. It launched its business on NetSuite in 2010, and has since grown to over 500 retail store partners in North America and a dozen international partners in Europe, Asia, and Canada. Today the company’s product inventory is at 200 SKUs, and rising.


P.L.A.Y. co-founders Deborah and Will Chen started the business with a very personal quest – to provide a quality bed for their dog Momo. They wanted something attractive that went with their décor. They wanted good quality, but also affordable. Unable to find it, the Chens decided to create their own and ultimately launched their own line of stylish, ecofriendly pet beds and toys. But they soon found out that competing with the big commercial players in the pet supplies market was no small task. The Chens put in a lot of effort — networking, establishing themselves in the market, creating an ecommerce site, and investing in an all-in-one software system that could handle the diversity of their business needs but be affordable to a startup like theirs. In 2010, they opened up their business on NetSuite’s cloud ERP platform.


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Integrate different kinds of data in order to better serve China customers 

Many companies aim to develop the market in China but messy information always let them down.  We aware this situation and thus, we help to integrate and reduce related data cost, improve customer satisfaction, enhance efficiency and effectiveness via


Axel Leung, Senior Consultant of Introv Limited revealed some real cases on how CRM works with other system and data as below.

– Centralize customer trading account

– Round robin automatic lead assignment to sales team

– Workflow and alert for customer cases follow up

– Self service configuration & customisation of Introv deployed solutions for data manipulation


By using our latest solution, companies can easily increase ROI and improve customer satisfaction in China, and somehow globally.