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3 ways to adapt to change

The world is changing, and changing fast; the most important lesson we can learn is to understand how to live, work and deal with change in a way where we come out on top, rather than get stuck in a sigh, realizing we missed the boat to a new opportunity.

How to navigate technology to build a strong and lasting relationship with customers?  Transform to a new platform would be a way to do so.

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3 Ways to Transform Sales Data from a Chore to a Weapon

Inaccurate, incomplete sales data is a major headache for any sales team.  Poor data leads to poor decisions that keep companies from reaching their goals.

How can you improve data quality while actually improving your sales engine?   There are three key approaches every sales team should consider.

Source <<Salesforce Blog>>




Introv – Google for Work Partner !!!  Congratulations !!

Introv makes technology work for business and people, and strives to tailor total solution that drive a better way of working.  More efficiently, more securely !

By providing professional and tailored CRM & ERP solutions all the way go, we understand there is much more we can do. Google Apps for Work is a prefect workplace for everyone, for team and for individual, to store, sync, share anythings with unlimited storage, access all your work whenever you need with one single login.




Introv ERP Demo Video is out !!!

Our NEWLY Introv ERP demo video is out.  Watch the videos to know more about how it works perfectly for CEO, Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, and Warehouse Inventory.

You will find unexpectable benefits from using Introv ERP, compared to the traditional way.  AND it is extremely easy to use.




Facebook ad revenue nears US$3bn in Q3

Facebook has seen total revenue for the Q3 of this year hit US$3.2 billion, a 59% increase compared to US$2 billion in Q3 2013.

The bulk of that revenue came from advertising, which amounted to $2.96 billion. Approximately 66% of this advertising revenue came from mobile, which took up just 49% of advertising revenue in Q3 last year.

Source <<marketing>>


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