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7 tips for taking on new social media platforms

Social media is a unique animal in the digital marketing jungle.  Lesser known platforms that have just set up shop often attract the most active users.  

Given these uncertainties of the social media scene, how do you decide when you should start an account for your brand and invest time and effort into building a presence on a new platform?

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netsuite e-magazine


NetSuite Magazine: The Cloud CIO – Agent of Change

Facing problems on handling your inventory level, account payable, ordering process, key revenue recognition and human resource management?  NetSuite is a single system which can help you better streamline all your processes and data  in a safety platform.  Contact Us now for a tailored solution and the improvements you can get from using Introv with NetSuite.


The value of a Facebook video view


The value of a Facebook video view

The trend towards videos on social media has been upon us for a while now, with major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offering a space for videos to thrive.

Facebook has announced that it will display the number of views received by videos starting this week in Hong Kong and globally.

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Forever couple


Let’s watch the video interview on how Introv helps Forever Couple, a wedding band specialist connects with customers & partners to provide tailor-made services with NetSuite & Introv.


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Industrial Feeds (September 2014)

Read our e-Newsletter “Industrial Feeds”.  See how Introv helps to integrate different kinds of data in order to better serve China customers AND Walton builds up a better relationship with clients and makes a more comprehensive strategies by using



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