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Got CRM? Now That You Have CRM, What Do You Do With It?

Your customer is the most important factor to your business success, so that relationship needs to be treated with the respect it deserves. A CRM system can go a long way in improving your interactions with your customer base, but only if you take advantage of all that it has to offer. Here’s “how to CRM” and some of the reasons why CRM is vital to a company’s toolset.

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Retail’s next evolution

Hong Kong is spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping. The city, you could say, is a veritable smorgasbord of retail global brands.

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5 mistakes clients make on social media

Social media is a helpful marketing tool when it is used correctly.Ever wonder why your social investment is not paying off? Jeffrey Hau, sales director of digital marketing agency Prizm, reveals five of the most common mistakes marketers are making, but probably may not notice.

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How to get more from your existing customers

Maximal Concepts, the owner of five restaurants, a spa centre and a nightclub, says investing in your existing customers is a better way to grow your business than trying to grab as many new customers as you can. “Eighty percent of McDonald’s revenue comes from 20% of its clients,” said Matt Reid, director of Maximal Concepts.

“So the cost of acquisition getting a new customer versus getting a higher frequency of an existing customer is almost seven times more expensive.

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Why shoppers are going Elsewhere

An online solution, Shop Elsewhere, has been launched to help the less well-known fashion labels to get their name out there. Jennifer Chan takes a look into this pro-bono project to find out if it could be a glimpse of light for independent fashion designers.

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