Salesforce Connector

Salesforce Connector lets you manage your critical sales process more effectively by creating orders from Salesforce directly in NetSuite, in real-time — and at the same time empowering your sales force with true back-office visibility.

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Generate Sales Orders in Real-Time

Generate sales orders with the click of a button on an opportunity, with real-time integration of Salesforce and your latest NetSuite items. The Salesforce Connector synchronizes your shared account customer and contact records across both NetSuite and Salesforce. Whenever your peers edit an Item in NetSuite, a real-time update is sent to the corresponding Salesforce product.


Back-office Visibility for Sales Teams

The Salesforce Connector shows your sales team opportunity-based financial transaction information upstream from NetSuite and in real time. Whether exposing a stuck sales order, surfacing a delayed invoice payment or showing path to progress on sales commissions, your sales reps will see their Salesforce customers transactions downstream in NetSuite.




Experience True ROI

Enjoy the high Return on Investment (ROI) with tightened process efficiencies and elimination of errors in critical sales business processes. Salesforce Connector customers often find the connector pays for itself within the first few months of use.


Powered by the Integrator

A robust REST-based integration middleware built right into the NetSuite platform. You can also use the same Integrator platform to integrate critical business processes by building out custom Data Flows between NetSuite and other SaaS or on-premise software applications.